Saturday, January 30, 2010

Boy, if I don't blog more often then I do I just forget all the little things. We left "A Little bit of Heaven" the next day and traveled about 2 hours till we got to Port Isabel/So. Padres Island. What a beautiful community we stayed in. Long Island Village. Must have been about 600 sites. Half of them on waterways, like our place in SVL only their fingers go to the Gulf of Mexico and not some little dinky man- made lake. They have a little 18 hole, 3 par golf course we plan on playing. That was Friday, Jan. 22. After setting up camp we drove around and went to the chamber of commerce in S.Padres Island. What a place. I guess during Spring break it is like Havasu or Balboa. Not somewhere where we want to be. We went to dinner at Louie's Backyard restaurant, (recommenced). Thought we were going to get a great fish dinner,you know on the gulf, overlooking the ocean etc, etc, etc, but oh no. They brought my dinner and Ronnie's first. I had some kind of white fish. It was cold and ugly. After we were almost done they brought Jimmy and Carol's. At least theirs weren't cold. I don't think anyone liked what they got. Mental note. . . . . .don''t go back to Louie's! (like we'll ever be here again)LOL Saturday we road our bikes into town. Had to wait at the bridge while it swung open (not up like a draw bridge) to let boats go through. They do it every hour and also whenever a boat needs to go through. I took pictures of pelican. If I knew how to post them I would. That's my next lesson. I promise. I really don't feel safe on my pretty pink Schwinn that Kristen gave me but I'm such a good sport, I'll risk my all to do something adventurous. What else do I have to do??? There is a very old lighthouse there and two museums. We went to them the next
Thursday. Anyway, when we got back the guys went fishing. There still hasn't been a fish fry yet. Jimmy caught a Whiting ( so he says) but didn't bring back

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